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Shelagh A. Gallagher, Ph.D.
Specialized Consulting
Gifted Education and Problem-Based Learning

About Shelagh

Dr. Shelagh Gallagher works with teachers, schools, and policymakers worldwide to advance gifted education.  For 13 years she directed gifted education programs at UNC Charlotte, teaching and leading federal grants which produced a series of award-winning Problem-Based Learning curriculum units.  She was Director of Research at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, Project Manager at William and Mary’s Center for Gifted Education, and research associate at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics and Duke TIP. 


Shelagh is in her fourth term on the Board of Directors of the North Carolina Association for the Gifted and Talented (NCAGT), where she directs the Talent Unleashed initiative.  She is in her third term as a US delegate to the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children and was a contributing editor of the WCGTC Global Principles for Professional Learning. She is a fellow at the Institute for Educational Advancement and co-authored their policy report Americans Agree:  Public Attitudes Towards Gifted Education.  Shelagh received the Distinguished Service Award and the James J. Gallagher Advocacy Award from NCAGT, the Provost’s Award for Teaching Excellence from UNC Charlotte, and Article of the Year from Gifted Child Quarterly. Shelagh mentors in a fourth-grade reading club and works with gifted youth each summer at Camp Yunasa. 


Shelagh is currently in her second year as President-elect of the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC),

Engaged Education Professional Development

Problem-Based Learning 

Shelagh is an internationally recognized expert in Problem-Based Learning.  Her workshops introduce teachers to the model, guide them through the process of PBL curriculum design, and introduce the fundamentals of PBL instruction. She has lots of practical experience, too, and is the author of many fully developed PBL units.

Gifted Education 

Characteristics of gifted students, identification methods, curriculum compacting, differentiation for higher order thinking, creativity, and twice exceptional students are all topics Shelagh can share with your faculty. Shelagh's professional development experiences blend theory and hands-on, pragmatic experiential learning.  She is equally comfortable working with elementary, middle, and high school faculty.  

Effective Questioning

Shelagh believes that great curriculum must be balanced with great instruction.  Skilled, reflective questioning is the centerpiece of excellent instruction.  Shelagh's three-step process guides teachers to become self-aware and intentional when they ask questions to students.

Professional Development

What Participants Say...

Super—I look forward to working on some PBL for my classroom.  Thanks for a day that was filled with applicable lessons and insight.

I so looked forward to spending the day with you and thoroughly enjoyed it.  These strategies will definitely be used in my classroom.  Thank you so much for a wonderful day!

At first I was disappointed that the day wasn't going to be ALL PBL, but I really enjoyed and appreciated her approach to questioning, so in the end I'm glad we had a half-day of each!

Really enjoyed the personal approach.  Didn’t feel any intimidation.  Made it feel comfortable—Ideas great for all levels and all disciplines – Great that you have products as well as teaching us how to create our own.

S. Gallagher did an excellent job of presenting her PBL method.  She used an exciting topic to draw us in to her methodology.  We were “hooked” and wanted to know more.  I will certainly buy her products ad this conference.  This was the best pre-conference speaker I’ve heard since I began attending four years ago.  Thanks for bringing her!

This was great.  The presentation was very user friendly.  It is something I will work on to use in my room!  Very effective!  Thanks! 

PBL Curriculum and Materials Gallery

Shelagh is the author of PBL units for elementary, middle, and high school. She is proud to have Dana Plowden as a co-author on several units!  Scroll down to see some video overviews of specific units.  For more information and to purchase, please see

Currculum Gallery
Americans Agree

In 2018, the Institute for Educational Advancement published a Americans Agree, a unique report presenting data about the public's understanding of and support for gifted education.  Shelagh is a co-author of the report, along with IEA director Elizabeth Jones.  

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Americans Agree

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Contact Engaged Education for information about Shelagh's professional development offerings, curriculum units, applying to DDC, or policy work. 

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